• When we say "pet" we really mean "dog", but get in touch if you have something stranger or larger and we'll try to make it work. 

  • If your dog has never been around horses before, we ask that you keep him/her on a leash while walking the grounds.

  • Let us know if your dog is not allowed biscuits or other treats from us.

  • Only pets that are not aggressive with people or with other animals are welcome.

  • Pets may not be left unattended in a room if they will be barking constantly or scratching to get out. If needed, please bring a crate or carrier for your fur baby. We do not provide petsitting while you leave the grounds unless prearranged.

  • Please bring your own pet bed to use in the room.

  • Pets are not allowed on the beds or other furniture at any time. Guests are responsible for any cleaning/repair/replacement costs caused by their pet.

  • For the health and enjoyment of other guests, we ask that you pick up after your dog on lawns and trails where people may be walking (plastic bags can be provided).

  • We are happy to provide a towel for rubbing down wet and muddy feet.

  • Guests agree to accept 100% financial responsibility for all damages, mess and/or injuries caused by any pet or animal they bring on our premises. 

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